The 230056 back-of-module RTD probe assembly is optimized for easy installation on PV modules and is compliant with IEC 61724-1 for bifacial PV module rear-side application. 

It features a Class A (ISO 60751) Pt1000 RTD in a flat-bottom aluminum disc probe with a simple VHB peel-and-stick adhesive layer that makes installation easy but is reliable long-term in outdoor use.

The 230056 assembly has an M8 3-pin connector compatible with both the RDE300i PV module measurement device, the RT01 RS485 temperature transmitter, and the RDE300 series. 

Part Numbers:

  • 230056: RTD assembly
  • 810297: Order number including 230056 RTD and installation kit

Use the link at the bottom of this page to download the 230056 RTD datasheet, document 880101. 

For installation instructions, see 230056 RTD Probe Installation.