Configuration Kit 810276 allows you to connect your RDE300i, RC22, RC18 or Mars unit to your Windows-based PC for configuration. 

The kit contains a power adapter (AC to 24 VDC) with slide-on worldwide receptacle adapters, an RS-485 to USB adapter, and a cable for connecting power and communication to the unit to be configured. 

As of May 2024, Configuration Kit 810276 no longer includes support for legacy products requiring Ethernet adapters, such as Mars hardware version 1.0. For these legacy products, customers may order Configuration Kit 810235-01 if required.

Assembling and Connecting the Kit

  • Select and install the receptacle adapter appropriate for your country
  • Insert the 24 VDC plug into the cable assembly as shown below
  • Connect the Power / RS485 cable to the RDE300i, RC22, RC18, or Mars unit as shown below
    • Note that the 8-pin to 5-pin adapter is required for RDE300i, RC22, and Mars 2.0
  • Insert the RS485 to USB adapter into your PC’s USB port
  • For Mars units with TCP port only:
    • Connect the M12/RJ45 Ethernet cable to the Ethernet-to-USB adapter and to the Mars M12 Ethernet Connector; insert the adapter into one of your PC’s USB ports; allow Windows to detect the adapter and automatically install its driver; configure the adapter address to
    • Optionally, you may omit the USB Ethernet Adapter and connect the 830261 M12 Ethernet Cable directly to your PC's Ethernet port, if available.
  • Connect the power adapter to AC power
  • Allow Windows Update to detect the RS-485 to USB adapter and automatically install its driver, or install the driver from the CD included in the kit. You may also download the driver from the link at the bottom of this page. 
  • Use the Configuration Kit with the appropriate Configuration Manager software for RDE300i, RC22, RC18, or Mars as directed in the appropriate User Guide

Software Drivers for USB-RS485 Adapter

The USB to RS485 adapter included with the 810276 configuration kit is the Gearmo Model USA-482422. 

Additional information on this part, including software drivers, is available here

You may also use the Windows software drivers for the FTDI communication chip available in the FTDI-Latest.zip file at the download link at the bottom of this page.