The RC18 Bifacial Kit provides a convenient way to measure irradiance at multiple locations on the rear-side of a bifacial array. The kit contains multiple RC18 PV Reference Cells, cables, and a bus box, as shown below, allowing a single communication cable to the user's data logger. For more information on the kit, see RC18 bifacial kit datasheet.

To use the kit, note that each RC18 unit must have a unique Modbus Node Address, so that it can be independently polled from your data logger or SCADA system.

To perform setup, first download the RC18 Configuration Manager Software.

During setup, configure each RC18 unit individually as follows:

  • If connected, disconnect the Bus Box cable from the RC18 to be configured.
  • Connect the RC18 configuration kit (see RC18 PV Reference Cell User Guide) between your computer and the RC18. You must have only one RC18 connected to the computer.
  • Use the RC18 Configuration Manager software to set a unique Modbus Node Address. (For a guide to the software see RC18 PV Reference Cell User Guide.)
  • Record the programmed address and the unit's serial number and/or location.
  • Disconnect the configuration kit from the RC18.
  • Connect the Bus Box cable.

Configuration Kit:

Configuration Manager Software

RC18 Bifacial Kit