About Firmware Updates

The Mars Soiling Sensor firmware is software that runs your Mars unit. 

This firmware has Atonometrics part number 500079.

The firmware is updated periodically. For release notes, see Mars Firmware Release Notes

Downloading the Firmware

Download the latest version of firmware part number 500079 from the link at the bottom of this page.

As of March 2024, this firmware applies to all Mars model numbers, including:

  • 810230
  • 810230-01
  • 810230-20
  • 810230-20_01

The firmware is contained in a .zip file which will be loaded directly onto your Mars unit. NOTE: you cannot open the .zip file on your computer.

Installing the Firmware

  • Connect to your Mars unit via a web browser. 
    • For instructions for Wi-Fi connection with the latest Mars model 810230-20_01, see the latest Mars User Guide.
    • For instructions for older Mars models, see older Mars user guides here.
  • From "Support" / "Update Configuration", press "Select Files"
  • Navigate to the downloaded firmware .zip file on your PC and select it.
  • Press “Send File(s)” to send the file to your Mars unit.
  • Wait ~5 minutes while the software is being applied. Do not remove power from the unit during the update.
    • When updating from R4363 or later, installation progress messages will be displayed.
    • When updating from releases before R4363, no progress is displayed. Wait 5 minutes..
  • If needed, refresh the web page in your web browser.
  • Confirm that the web page shows Firmware Version equal to the version number of the downloaded .zip file.
  • Confirm Status = Normal.